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About Affiliate Circle

Affiliate Circle is a brand new, free resource for people who are looking to build a profitable and ethical ‘white hat’ affiliate marketing business, regardless of experience level.

The proven business model that we teach focuses on premium lead and call generation. As a member of Affiliate Circle, you get access to our free and extensive How-To Guides which will teach you how to build an affiliate business from scratch, step by step.

Affiliate Circle is completely free to join. Free members get access to all the How-To guides they need to set their affiliate business up regardless of ability or experience – from picking a profitable niche to creating their landing page to advertising it on Google or Facebook.

We offer a Premium service if you want more help – access to videos, case studies, advanced How-To guides and 1-on-1 tuition if required. This is an optional feature – you do not need a Premium account to build a profitable business with Affiliate Circle, but it may speed up the process.

Your earnings potential using the Affiliate Circle business model is uncapped. Provided the leads and calls you generate are of a high enough quality (we teach you which advertising channels to use to achieve this), and you are generating valid leads/calls cheaper than you are being paid for them, then it comes down to the volume of leads/calls you can supply to our lead buyers.

We have affiliates who have hit the dizzy heights of over £30,000 net profit per month using our business model. But we have others earning between £1,000-2,000 per month, or just a few hundred pounds each month to supplement their regular income.

Affiliate Circle is completely free to join.

Our guides teach you how to create a website which you will use to drive traffic to with the aim of generating leads or calls for one or more lead buyers.

If you are UK-based you will need a Data Protection Registration from the ICO which costs £40 per year.

There will be a small cost involved in buying a website name and hosting it – between £5-10 per month.

Once you have your website built and ready to generate leads, we recommend that you run some ads to get traffic to it. The amount you invest in ad spend is completely up to you. As with most businesses, usually, the more you invest the more you earn – although as with any business this is not 100% guaranteed. We advise that you start on a small scale and reinvest your profits into more ads & more campaigns each month once you have proved that the model works.

Compared to things like Forex trading or Binary options, you have far less to lose and far more control over your earnings, which comes down to skill and experience more than pure luck.

By signing up to Affiliate Circle you begin the process of building your affiliate marketing business. If you have prior experience of affiliate marketing this will stand you in good stead but it is by no means a prerequisite for success.

Once your membership has been approved you gain access to your Affiliate Circle dashboard.

Navigate to the How To guides – these take you step-by-step through the process of building your lead/call generation affiliate business through how to be legally compliant to how to create your first online advertising campaign.

As a member of Affiliate Circle, you get free access to our Paddock Media network, which is full of trusted lead buyers wanting to pay you for valid leads and phone calls.

Use the How-To guides on Affiliate Circle to learn how to generate leads that you can sell through Paddock Media. It’s as simple as that. A business model that works.

There are many affiliates out there who have given the industry a bad name. Dodgy practises in shady sectors like adult, weight loss etc is not what we do. We are ‘white hat’ affiliate marketers. We only work with reputable lead buyers in sectors which are completely legal and above board. Transparency is important to us – we have created a hub for ethical affiliates to gather and make money.

We offer advice on what you need to do in order to be legally compliant before you start.

What’s more, we only accept affiliates who generate leads of the highest quality, from first-party data sources like PPC (Google, Bing) and Facebook. We don’t permit affiliates to use methods like co-reg, incentives, surveys and other high-volume/low-quality lead generation methods. This strict policy allows us to forge long term relationships with lead buyers paying out industry-high commissions, as they know they are paying for the best quality leads.

Essentially your job is to advertise a lead buyer’s product or service better than they can on their own. This is the foundation of lead generation affiliate marketing. Because most of your leads will come from PPC, you are showing ads to people who have actively searched for the product and are wilfully applying for a quote. You are not duping or tricking them in any way. It is a very ethical business.

This depends on how soon you can set up a website and your PPC campaign. Many affiliates who are proficient in web design/development can have a site up and running in a couple of days. The sites we recommend you build are not complicated and only consist of a few pages.

If you would like Affiliate Circle to create a website for you, and integrate it with our platform, check out our Services page. Our turnaround time is very quick.

We do not teach ‘traditional’ affiliate marketing. Our affiliates make money by generating and selling premium quality leads and calls for trusted buyers in legitimate industries. We do not focus on diet pills, adult dating, forex or any other traditional affiliate sectors.

As our affiliates are selling leads generated by their own websites, they don’t have issues with voucher code sites, cashback sites and last-click attribution. There are no tracking issues involved here.

We only teach above board, legitimate traffic channels like Facebook and Google. We don’t accept affiliates who want to do co-reg, surveys or incentives as these methods produce low-quality leads.

We teach a proven business model that has worked for years and years. Businesses always need new leads. Call centres always need calls. As a member of Affiliate Circle, you will learn how to satisfy this constant demand and turn it into a profitable and ethical revenue stream.

About Paddock Media

Paddock Media is Affiliate Circle’s lead management platform. Members of Affiliate Circle are given free access to the Paddock Media system. Your leads and calls can be sold through Paddock Media to our trusted lead buyers in real-time. Your Paddock Media dashboard shows all current offers from our buyers and all of your current and historical lead reports.

As a member of Affiliate Circle, you are not tied into Paddock Media. You are free to sell your leads and calls anywhere you like, but almost all of our affiliates use the Paddock Media platform to sell their leads due to our industry-high payouts and clear, easy integration and reporting.

Affiliate Circle is owned by Paddock Media, a real business with real offices and a full-time team based in the beautiful green county of Somerset in the UK. Our affiliates hail from all over the globe – you can run this kind of business from anywhere with an internet connection.

Affiliate Circle is by affiliates, for affiliates. Our staff include former and current affiliate marketers who have vast industry experience – we understand how affiliates operate, their pain points and their expectations. Several of our current affiliates are self-made millionaires from this kind of affiliate marketing.

Usually, within 30 days of the end of the month, you have generated leads during. So if you generate 100 leads in October, you will be paid for those leads around the middle of November.

Affiliate Circle Premium members benefit from quicker payouts for selected campaigns.